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  1. but i has 10 followers on twitter....
  2. Im not giving you anything unless you're paying
  3. Where's my vouch copy of the hoodie :|
  4. I'm gonna infract you
  5. Ally ? come on man....
  6. LOL, smart one
  7. I witnessed child porn without noticing
  8. i dont start conversations :/
  9. You don't even say hi to me anymore
  10. D!scord uwu
  11. Hey babe

    Where you at
  12. you didn't do anything just dont want to play pubg
  13. Why not

    What did i do
  14. (: no //2short//
  15. Can we play pubg together

    If you didn't delete me on steam

    Silly joker
  16. hmm? //2short//
  17. Hey qt

    Can i get a nice background

  18. Fun Fact: Old name used to be CrunchyRainbow
  19. Hello rainbow man
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