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  1. thank you c:
  2. congrats babe <3
  3. whatever...
  4. yeah your one to talk
  5. Then go talk to LUVER about the things he says not me. I really don't care if your homosexual or not, I judge people based on their actions/behavior/maturity
  6. You know, its childish how you bring up shit from 4 months ago and even so, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And about that Luver shit, you can believe what you want about him leaking shit or whatever but you don't really need to throw him under the bus because he's a human and talks.
  7. I was about to flip because he kept thinking he could put a price on vouch copies
  8. you sounded like you were about to flip shit cause he didnt want to give it to you go hunt for something else
  9. Ain't paying $50 for that shit though lol, even if he gave it to me for free now wouldn't take it
  10. when your super thirsty for that vouch
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