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  1. "active"
    mostly log on, check the chat, spit some shit then log off for a few days/weeks
  2. Wait what, you're still kinda active?
  3. But I feel so incomplete without you
    Nothing's the same
  4. You only think that you need my love; you're perfectly capable of embracing the strong independent black woman that I know you are on the inside and surviving on your own.
  5. I need your love
  6. Ugggggggggh.
  7. Notice me senpai
  8. i love you too <3
  9. Love you, boo.
  10. rip sweet prince
  11. Boss ****** of the world, even tho hes not a ******
  12. Who's Czar?
  13. omfg
  14. what is that you are holding...
  15. Its rather old.
  16. Your avi is so much win
  17. congrats on tm rage monkey
  18. Y no more minion?
  19. Your back
  20. Any chance you could find me a avi?
  21. No
  22. Don't you love it?
  23. .
  24. Can i have a link to your PB?

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