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  1. Life alright, having its up and downs as i'm still trying to find my place, hope you're doing well dude

    Yeah, shame the studio killed it
  2. Good to see you around. Hope life is well! Battlerite was sick while it lasted.
  3. Ayyyy, long time no see
  4. hue .
  5. lesbehonest. We know Dave is my sheep, cause all he does is BAHH.
  6. I thought you might like this
  7. hai son, how's life?
  8. hai dad.
  9. im alright, how are you?
  10. aye dad. how are you?
  11. Aw danks dad. Now, where's the stuff... You know.. the stuff. I get it free cause it's my birthday - right?
  12. inb4iforget
    happy early birthday son
  13. .
  14. Ah hellll yeah. I'm ready!
  15. wanna kill people, burn shit and then just fuck school?

  17. Wrong emoticon... /aar
  18. What should I change my text to when I hit 500 posts?
  19. I know right ;]
  20. Yeah, I like that picture of the girl having an orgasm while eating fruit loops. Great picture.
  21. dont remember where i got most of the stuff tbh, think they might be from 4 chan
  22. Haha, you have a shitload. I like a LOT of your avatars, don't know why, but you seem to find avatars to appeal to me. Do you just look around the internet for good avatars and use them?
  23. Randoms pictures by mpghghost - Photobucket
    might find something you like there, some of my old avis
  24. i play CF eu now and then.
  25. Thanks big papa. I have always adored your avatars, and I don't know how you find such good ones - your one is beast. OFWGKTA. If I was a dinosaur I would be a flexasaurus.

    Anyways, when I get BF3 we're gonna fuck shit up. Also, do you play CF anymore? I just leveled to Staff Sergeant. Thug life.
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