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  1. Thanks!
  2. Gratz on MM!
  3. who cares it's just a name
  4. still "Faggot"
  5. Hey there

    not a cs anymore babe
  6. >_< i guess i'll wait
  7. once you're not a cocksucker and you change that name, I will
  8. ಥ_ಥ

    P-please.. ?
  9. there's a reason you're a cocksucker unfortunately, so even if you didn't deliberately say no, your words and actions said sure :/
  10. look kate, I might not be perfect but this is just some dumb text that some dumb guy placed on me that I couldn't vote no for.
  11. how the fuck can I start a relationship with a guy with "suck dick" in his text title :P
  12. let's begin a e-relationship
  13. I'm not hitting you up, you'd have to hit me up
  14. UwU a girl loves me on the internet?

    I feel like Matthew now lmao???

    hmu on the forbidden sky_pe so we can have nice, long talks about our likings so we get to know each other a little bit more
  15. love ya, faggot
  16. weeb lmao

    btw wamen are objects so get used to it if ur not a boy if ur a boy then read below

  17. when ur mad that some dude on the internet wants to see your 16 year old tiny meat x)
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