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  1. I gotchu. Just brought it to baby butt smooth
  2. i bet if u rlly polished ur fucking bald ass head it be so clean I could eat from it

    mint condition dawg
  3. haha how does it feel to be banned and shiz
  4. hahaha what a cringy name kid

    where'd get it, walmart?
  5. u really want that mpgh staff fix in front of your name don't you lmaoooo<

    good luck baby :* u were a good pub, u should get it back tbh
  6. take care xoxo

    u were god tier minion
  7. get fs'ed lmao
  8. Hit That Chug Jug, Hit That Chug Jug, hit it!
  9. like corn on my cock

  10. cri everitim

    sob sob

    snob on the corb
  11. fat bitch ass faggot

  12. leave me alone

    ur harassing my sexy ass smh.
  13. fat bitch faggot
  14. why tf would I @ a fag
  15. i'm the best cs out here

    no doubt. don't @ me.
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