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  1. yo sup bby
  2. Hell yeah stay strong bbg
  3. thank u jesus im now cured
  4. 1. Don't think about suicide
    2. I've been pretty busy lmao
  5. u rarely post and im contemplating suicide
  6. top10saddestanimedeaths
  7. naaa dude zyzz legacy and anti bullying best groups 2016
  8. the group is so dead so like who cares if I'm in the group or not lmao
  9. naa stop lying to me
  10. omg im just in the group to fill up some space on my page
  11. eeew u like loli u perv
  12. thanks lmao
  13. sounds hot
  14. lmao thanks for the big ass pic

    water is wet, and quenches my thirst, and i'm always pretty wet and thirsty, so water and i have a little something in common
  15. lmao that pic is a bit big but whatevs
  16. Aura hm?

    Whats with you and water
  17. excellent throw

    +100 exp <3
  18. curveball

  19. tbh //2short
  20. perfect throw
  21. it's a complete curveball to be completely honest with you
  22. is your family tree a straight line?
  23. Wait wh-what?
  24. Atoms are everywhere. you maybe sit on them right now. everything that lives has atleast one cell. atoms are everywhere.even the air that ur breathing has for example 28% oxygen in it. but adoms doesnt live. they are just floating aroung (if they are gasiform for example) bacteria is made out of cells and thats the reason why it lives. you were also just a cell when your dad made you pregnant
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