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  1. a yo stop playing with me show me the girl
  2. ..... my guy
  3. Oh you want to meet him?
  4. Dont worry about that i want to meet her.
  5. How are you even still alive?
  6. I want to meet your cute gf
  7. Akuuuu, how has it been
  8. You better check your Skypu messages
  9. How dare you ignore me on ***** :thinking:
    I had too much tags
  10. How dare you not have the anime fo tag
  11. cuz it's so cuteeeee <3
  12. lol why must i
  13. set ur cute anime pic back ;(
  14. Congrats
    Now open your *****
  15. Give me crunchyroll account
    OMFG i just saw your profile background image the spasm xD
  16. Yes we are
  17. Traps are not gay.
  18. Zac my only gf
  19. who gave u permission to use the megumin image title
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