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  1. good luck vineeee, well genesis did his face reveal we're buddies on fb now cunttttttttttttttt !
  2. In the middle of finals right now tiem, pls don't judge me :'(
    Ya you crazy bich you think I'm gonna do a facereveal. I don't have such a beautifull face as yours baby
  4. ya boiiiis
  5. get online cunt wtffffffffffffffffff
  6. Sounds like fun.. You miss home?
  7. During cadetship both deck and bridge related from chipping and painting to ensuring we are on the proper course and everything is up to date, there's shit ton of work every day, the chief officers job is to give works to people each day and he has shit ton of work to give away always
  8. What's the kinda work you gotta do?
  9. yeah a lot, ya kno i dont really see that much of a physical transformation and espclly since its merchant navy there's not much pressure on the exercise part, its the work tho gotdam too much
  10. Is the training hard? One day you'll look like rambo. I'll try to get on skype more !! How's MPGH doing lately?
  11. Congrats m99999, I guess I do? tbh its just all the training i find painful, lets c how it is once i finish that phase. get on skipe more often nig
  12. Passed al my Finals! Didn't expect that. Hit me up on skype anytime if you want to hang out. I don't have much free time though with all these projects coming soon. Do you like what you're doing?
  13. I'm good, ehh who knows maybe my next ship I might end up there again. Get on skype or osmethin!
  14. Guess who's back?
    Nah not for real though. In the middle of my finals..
    It's a shame that I didn't check MPGH sooner or we could have met in Antwerp.
    How are you?
  15. vine we still waitin 4 u to join the godam gta lobby
  16. Where art thou vine?!!
  17. I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! .
  18. Vineeee, I'm at Antwerp! You should hit me up on watsapp maan
  19. Hit me up if you are back.
  20. Ah that great man. Let me know in some time how it's been. Yeah well I have one month now to study so I hope I can get average points.
  21. I got my US visa mate, will be boarding a ship soon. Need to study but I've been postponing it for so long. I understand you're stressed out :c, give it your best man, Hope we get some free time in the future to hang out.
  22. It's pretty hard to be honest, didn't begin to look at my courses till mid november so I'm pretty stressed out right now. I really hope I make it. What about you?
  23. Yeah noticed, hows your studies coming along??
  24. My laptop broke so I don't have skype on this replace laptop.. What have you been doing lately? I'm fine, University is hard as fuck but I'm slowly learning to adapt.
  25. I'm doing good mate, hbu?? get on skype sometime man
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