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  1. Hey Tiem !! How are you old friend?
  3. You know everything.
  4. If i know that i know nothing that means i know something, you know?
  5. You know nothing.
  6. I've caught you lurking again ehhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. I'm the master lurker
  8. heyheyhey who do i see lurking here ehhhhhh
  9. What's the time?
  11. I see, got a message from him on whats app yesterday .
  12. No it changed in a good way ! And no not really. Once in a while I see him posting but I'm not really so active on here. Missing al the great people.
  13. I see, I hope everything's alright. Any words from genesis?
  14. Damn man, a lot of shit has changed in my life from when I last heard you. I'll be 'free' after the 25th of June.
  15. Final exams will be over on 15 june, then I'm free!!
  16. Shit is fucked up. Genesis is gone.
  17. Woooooot good luck bro!
  18. Tomorrow is my last exam!
  19. Exams gnna be tough T.T
  20. Well almost finished, another week and i'm done. How is the marine?
  21. Hm good luck, im gonna have exams too pretty soon.
  22. Ill try, Having exams right now..
  23. :c, get watsapp. What's with the name top kek.
  24. Where are you? MPGH is shit.
  25. You can do it man.
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