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  1. Going gud i supposeeeeeeee .
  2. I don't know what the problem could be. How's navy?
  3. I know right, i just want to finish my course asap. Anyhow i think the issue I'm facing with the ps3 is somehow related to power fluctuation, It just doesn't power up anymore :c
  4. You told me you were going to be home for a week in october. Time goes fast. And damn how come?
  5. I came home for a week and my ps3 frigging die T_T
  6. Haha I pretty much dead out, just lurking around everyday. It isn't what it was.
  8. That's alright, tyt bby.
  9. Dealing with irl stuff man sorry
  10. Where art thou
  11. Still in Italy.
  12. Lemme know when u need my number to add on watsapp
  13. Will try tiem.
  14. Aaaaa, hav fun bish.
  15. Leaving for Italy in 3 hours so will be for next week.
  16. Mmz got watsapp yet?
  17. Could be better.
  18. All good matee hbu
  19. Ill mke it, rzmember me tomorow gonna sleep biw firyay night. Hows everyring foing?
  20. Ye, get it on phone or get kik
  21. I don't have whatsapp tiem.. Should I make it?
  22. Get on watsapp vinee
  23. Time come back
  24. Need a new name since vagdestroyer is not appropiate
  25. Gonna make a new skype fuck dis.
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