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  1. ya gotta rewatch that, also your avy helped me remember i had a badass pokemmo account xd
  2. one more badge and i'll become a gym leader
    also nice avatar, gonna make me rewatch DBZA
  3. gary tf 1v1 get rekt pikachu gonna beat you up
  4. a man gotta boost
    you stealing my logs?? posting dispute in admin chat
  6. Nautical Science, finals are with government ******ors and examiners both written and oral to get my sailing license hence the difficulty .
  7. yeah i know the struggle : (
    what major are you?
  8. good to hear, hope everythings fine! im managing, its difficult to study when you're by yourself and exams are a pain -__-
  9. went mia for a while, been a rough time but im back on track i guess
    how's work/mpgh time management going for ya
  10. hehe just killing time, hows it going
  11. I leave for a while and you rack on all these titles, about time for gmod
  12. you watching it dub or sub?
  13. xD Tournament of power about to begin, planning to watch steins gate s2 after this.
  14. haha it bored me too, but i heard it was really good. i stopped midway though because i couldn't take it. DBS is way more fun though lol so stick with that
  15. wtf is made in abyss, i feel asleep like halfway through first epi, started watching DBS now LOL .
  16. can't help it man, somebody's gotta do it
  17. /okguy .
  18. mayo mayo so much db aint gud for u mayo
  19. Special I am, right?
  20. a female insect, wunderbar!
  21. congrats on gmod
  22. Kind of, but HP's better since it has a better overall specs.
  23. that sucks, y50 seems ok with its specs, gaming will be great as seen from reviews but i don't know if i should pick hp's gtx 950m over it, the benchmark differences are like 7-8 lower than y50, would that make much big a difference?
  24. Z50 Intel, I can play LoL on Very High and Medium on BoII but gets hot real fast. Also has some display issues + can't override Intel with NVIDIA which sucks.
  25. Which model???????
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