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  1. In a way we are watching it, are we not aliens in one sense? O_O

    Anyways, I can watch it anytime you never answerd my message last time I tried so its on you but i am gtg anyday O_O
  2. when we gonna watch ancient aliens xd
  4. namaste saaaaaaaaaab
  6. we need soldiers for upcoming china invasion update are u ready for the great war
  7. nigga hasnt even been 24 hours since we last talked
  8. Where you been buddy? Have you been well?
  9. I think you cute ;O
  10. i will nuke u
  11. ya just made a day ago or so, PM me your deets mate
  12. there is a whatsapp group? let me know and I will join
  13. y u no join watsapp groupppp
  14. Yeah i've read quite a bit but never went into the specifics of anything, its a vast spectrum of knowledge and culture. What caught your eye?
  15. Dude, I am taking an elective compartive religion class and dang I don't know anything about Hinduism. There is so much freaking history behind it.
  16. pokemmo is fun, fuk u if u think otherwise bhaijaan
  17. how u doing buddyyyyyyyyy
  18. Why you have to a niggie like that?
  19. kaam cho bai?
  20. patel bc kya haal
  21. mah nigga what you been so quiet for
  22. Ehh working and more work
  23. Hey man, How you doing!
  24. Time haven't seen you in a quite a while.
  25. Thinking about you has been making my loins burn with pleasure.
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