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  1. hmmmm yes please
  2. do you want beat
  3. do you want bread
  4. baby don't hertz me
  5. go sex men
  6. been a while since i slapped u hoe
  7. paypal me $2000usd
  8. Gib crossfier hax
  9. why are you
  10. okay gay .
  11. Yeah I'm just too lazy to change it tbh
  12. my nier staying true to the gg
  13. Bruh moment
  14. stare at abyss long enough and abyss stare back at u
  15. I'd like to see you try
  16. first i ban you then i ban belgium
  17. Drive fast eat ass
  18. vroom vroom bich
  19. Watch that mouth or I'll kiss your toes curry looking ass
  20. tetris looking ass
  21. look at this cancerous fucking user customization wow.
  22. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass so hard
  23. u are 2 minutes away from getting capped in the knee and being dragged to my 28th floor luxury apartment where you're gonna be tied to the dining table and forced to watch powerpuff girls and be fed nothing but captain dicks cereals for the next 5 years
  24. Pls no hackerino
  25. i am going to crash ur compooter now
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