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  1. Yeah fake vouches aren't justifiable either, if it checks out will give him a fair warning. You can post on scammers grave or private report if you need.
  2. scam report?
  3. Make a report with screenshots of chat and if there was no trade or reason to leave a vouch, we'll act on it.
  4. I'm a Chickencist.
  5. so u support chicken genocide with your kentucky fried chicken?
  6. Yes sir I am.
  7. are u a south american trailer man now
  8. hah gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,, wait....
  9. arun sed no promo for me cause my anal virginity is still intact
  10. tanx, where ur promotion make report wtf
  11. congrets negroni
  12. stahp pliz
  13. trixie is all over me timmiy
  14. poon slaying
  15. timmy wtf u upto now
  16. gz me brethren
  17. bulma no giri giri uwu wagatha
  18. who did dis
  19. ur name is a lie
  20. welcome to the cool club

  21. This nigga str8 jumped off a building
  22. henlo buddy

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