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  1. Thats great man, good luck and thanks for adding the movie I requested so fast!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion for EE3, that is actually a feature that is being worked on (along with a really big update) so once the next update comes out in mid January (hopefully), that feature and many others will be added.
  3. hey man, just a suggestion, would be good if there was an option to see which movies user has requested and got accepted, i can see the accepted req but cant find which movie
  4. I'm Time, as always
  5. Dude thank you, that's very kind of you. What's your username on EE3?
  6. its not much but i hope it helps, thanks for hosting the website mate.
  7. Ah thanks so much man yeah I've got btc: 32uXpXdQT1TUmeuirYowg9iMVxMEx6o36y
  8. do you have crypo wallet, i wanted to donate from what i have
  9. About 25 euro a month, why do you ask?
  10. How much does it cost to keep the website up
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