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  1. ok will do boss
  2. now aboose
  3. u can still be my queen
  4. not royalty anymore
  5. mem .
  6. didn't leave a mark hotshot, are your ribs still floating around in your lungs?
  7. have u washed the mark of my fist from your face yet
  8. //approved

  9. c u there, hope you like the taste of concrete bitch
  10. all talk no show, 1v1 at maccies at 11 will let my fists do the talkin
  11. big words from a manlet, sit down little tyke
  12. ya u dwarf u probably could only reach my waist level while i hold u down with my strong arm
  13. ill kick ur ass
  14. dont make me punch u now
  15. lol u blonde
  16. nobody:

    meme: /sold //2short
  17. nobody:

    meme: //approved 2 short
  19. lobotomite do u need me to spoonfeed u
  20. this has to be the most fucked up editor it just wont DO TIOIATOSHOIFDSHF NDfuck
  21. dw waiting for u to become sa quick.

    how tf u put song in icon under sig i keep trying its broken :@: @:@:@:
  22. get staff again, miss you homie
  23. she's 25 years old
  24. get off the internet and take care of our kid waht the ufko u doing here :@ :@:@:@:
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