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  1. Hey sir, Please check PMs
    Thank you !
  2. Hey brother, Can you please check the scam report :
    Thanks bro
  3. Hey time please can you check the guy reporting me. He is also leaking my informations that i sent him
  4. Ah I understand but if you update your price you have to update the same on your main post, provide me with the prices and i'll add it in the main post until the thread design is done.
  5. Hey i replied to your post on my Thread
    Hope you understand, again i do not charge anyone my current prices.
    If he's not happy about my price he can buy from another place
    Thank you fam
  6. Check PM i replied to your message Time
    Thanks again
  7. Yea sorry...
    The message didn’t got sent. Now I made sure I did sent it
  8. Didn't get any message.
  9. Sent you a private message please if you can get back to me
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