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  1. tough *
  2. Thanks. It is not that though. I still find time to go to the gym and play a couple of games every day. How about you?
  3. Congratulations on the graduation and job, tough schedule i suppose? Yeah crossfire is long gone now haha.
  4. Pretty good. I've graduated from University and found a job. I've quit playing Crossfire and instead I'm playing CS:GO. How about you?
  5. Oh man! How has everything been?
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not active I just occasionally log in.
  7. That was ages ago, I didn't know you were active again!
  8. Congratulations on Trusted Member mate.

    How is life treating you?
  9. I already masturbated 2 times .
    Brazzers one is working fine , but Bangbros isn't working any more .
  10. yeap fappin all day .

  11. I posted some p0rn accounts . Go get them .
  12. saup mate .
  13. On MPGH my previous name was Crossfire.
  14. What were your previous names.?
  15. What is that ?
  16. Dont fucking tell me ... you are godlike ?
  17. Thanks .
  18. Gratz on donor bitch.
  19. Good
  20. hows life
  21. Nope just took some rest from studying.
  22. Your back?

  23. Thanks
  24. Yeah yeah -_- bb now.
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