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  1. It was Kickin Rad, but to my knowledge we didn't pay the server fees and the site is dead.
  2. Hey do you remember the name of that discussion forum board we posted on sometimes? i recall it was something along the lines of rad forum, can't remember the name.
  3. *gothic space squid noises*
  4. that was a good listen
  5. Yeah GIAA is really good, also check We Lost The Sea for stuff similar to GIAA:
  6. When I was sailing, I randomly found God is an Astronaut , their instrumentals are something I really loved. Check it out if you haven't!

    Made my days much more hopeful.
  7. I'll definitely check out Godspeed You! Black Emperor, boy they do have long titles hahaha. I never actually thought i'd find a band again whose every song i'd come to admire. Yeah I happened to listen to the tracks you mentioned, I feel like the whole thing is a single piece, cant really pick one out and say this is the best! All their backing instrumentals are amazing, like in the Mountain Made of Steam. The hook in God bless our dead marines where he goes

    "Lost a friend to cocaine
    Couple friends to smack
    Troubled hearts map deserts
    And they rarely do come back"

    That whole sequence was so good with all the instruments in the back and the lyrics he writes and the ending too was beautiful, makes me feel like grabbing that pen and start scribbling like day 1 again. Definitely inspirational in some manner. Feels like they put their entire being into that performance, decent crowd too! The song What we loved was not enough, is also really good.
  8. Haha, good to hear my man. I've loved the band for years, and they've been really influential on my own music writing, especially Efrim Menuck's main band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, which is essentially A Silver Mt Zion but instrumental and a bit more serious. I as well absolutely love Efrim's voice, even though he might not be a traditionally 'good' singer, he pours every ounce of feeling he has into every line, and can also actually hit notes when he needs to.

    My short list of fav tracks: BlindBlindBlind, God Blesss our Dead Marines, Mountains Made of Steam, There is a Light, Could've Moved Mountains, Ring Them Bells: Freedom has Come (and Gone)

    also highly suggest checking out blindblindblind live
    which is one of my favorite live videos of any band, just an amazing performance

    cheers mate
  9. The last time I started listening to one song after another of an artist was when I discovered Jimi Hendrix, The sound of Silver Mount Zion makes me want to start writing again, beautiful lyrics and unique vocalist. I'm not sure if I can single out a single favorite track so far, he sings like me when i'm drunk and out of alcohol but there's grace in his voice.
  10. Nice! I lure them in with bone marrow ash so that they try to parry, then its either sheathed strike with chikage or quickstep back as I summoned my snake friend madara!
  11. Reverse backstep into Augur of Ebrietas parry and then Call Beyond was my signature; and if they dodge just throw Accursed Brew where they are going and they roll right into easy.
  12. Micolash would be proud, I was a bloodtinge build. Fightclubs were really fun, its surprising that they're still active on the weekends to this day.
  13. At one point yeah, I was an absolute beast with pure Arcane.
  14. were u active in the bloodborne pvp community?
  15. HAPPY BIRFDAY ~ ! .
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