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  1. I still got to finish my scam
  2. rip scamur panda
  3. Hi mista evangelion
  4. hi mista pandur
  5. kinda gay ngl
  6. not been in general that much thou, just b00sting in realm
  7. joe becoming a spammer again now as minion
  8. joe for minioooooooooooooooooon
  9. this user has the certified gay aids
  10. this user has the certified gay
  11. ur uwu :3:3
  12. dat profile pic is uwu
  13. Check the difference between mine and yours for giveaways x)
  14. liar liar.. you forgot about the giveaways
  15. cus u just spam general & tryhard reports
  16. the big 8

    watch out im coming
  17. You've been banished from the purple team
  18. huehuehuehue
  19. scary panda
  20. UwU me not gay, sorry
  21. OwO im gay lol
  22. i just stop posting for good so i cant get banned a third time in like a week
  23. 7k post on 420, this is your oppurtunity
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