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  1. haha welcome back habibi
  2. tis bak 8]
  3. its all good in the hood my dood
  4. i musta forgot lmao my b
  5. had it back for quite some time o.0???
    r u ded?
  6. oh wow you got your acc back lol, congrats
  7. sk.ype
  8. check ur *****
  9. news force hello???? if youre not active gotta remove homie
  10. I can't
    I ban :/
  11. double dog dare you
  12. Ouch :C

    I would flame u here
    But I can't
    I ban
  13. daaaaaam i gotta zoom in to see your name.
  14. thats a pretty color
  15. I'll switch between the 2 each month :P
  16. sent you a request
  17. gg thnx? do you have skype? add me ******sucidialgraphics
  18. I am probably the most under qualified out of everyone that applied, if I don't get it, I would like to see you get it then
  19. It's whatever gg
    Life's a crock pot full of horse shit
    No reason to make a big deal over such a dumb thing.
  20. thats terrible :l
  21. ye thankx man u too
    I was on the team once
    But the KTN and I quote "I got the team to kick you off cause I wanted too"
    so literally was kicked off for no reason but w/e.
  22. Good luck with News Force app!!!
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