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  1. Yeah bro. Not so much on CA .Rez anymore, mainly General, PS3 Section, and Anime Section. How bout you?
  2. Not too bad, buddeh. You still staying active on here?
  3. How ya doin gurl? (Black Girl voice)
  4. Howdy there pal.
  5. Quinn ? <3
  6. Thank Yew baby Gurl <3
  7. welcome back, hombre.
  8. Wassup Sexy ;D
    It's Crazyquinn9!
  10. But ofcourse ma SOn
  11. I learned from some nerd on youtube O.o
    but I still think you should give me credits if you use it.
  12. You gotta teach me how to Engrave teh Letters D:
  13. Happy Canada Day Mofo.

    Wait.. It was yesterday. Im too Late D:
  14. Happy Birthday Quinn!! Your Best Friend -GaMBiiT
  15. yep.

    Add me:
  16. you got msn?
  17. Lolz, Lucky! My Bday was about a Month ago. I got 25K too today D:

    Can you do me a Favor since I got you teh Screenies? Which .dtx File is teh Truck? The one that you Modded? can I do a V2 of your Mod? Like Rims and Maybe Neon & Shit. We should do a Mod Pack together But idk how to talk to youh
  18. I knowww, my birthdays in 5 days, im gonna get a perma M416 CQB, make some epic sexy mods, and im currently in the middle of the most boss mod ever
  19. Sup Quinn, Long Time no-speak Dude
  20. Lolz, That was before.
    And That was the Day I kept talkinq to youh on XFire, but you didnt write back.

    But Its Fine now
  21. hey dude, i was creepin your conversations...
    (habit, sorry.)
    and i saw that you asked shocking to remove the first screenie?
    you could have just asked me.
    plus i already did
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