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  1. ya you better take over battleon fatty
  2. maybe you mean "i will be gm, don't forget to applying for bt m+++"
  3. hi poops when u applying for gm????
  4. Hopefully, it will be fine. If not you better take over a BattleOn or I'm getting on a plane to Indonesia to kick your ass.
  5. you can get through this, you have to #keepstrong
  6. ????????????

    i wish i was joking

    unless you mean my signature, in that case its your fault
  7. NICE JOKE!!1!
  8. haha thanks dOOd
    looks good if it's green on me
  9. wooooop congrats my dood

    swap tags with me orange is cool af
  10. i am the one true god of the universe
  11. but, you are always above me
  12. then you will be as cool as me
  13. waiting for the green one
  14. woah blue boy cute
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