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  1. Hahah
  2. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Dynasty again.
  3. Thank you bro. You too.
  4. Happy thanksgiving!
  5. Thank you bro
  6. Congrats on Pharaoh!
  7. Hey bro! .
  8. Hey
  9. wolkom bak
  10. Check your Skype!
  11. Check your skype
  12. lol thanks bro
  13. I think you are a cool guy tbh.
  14. I'm sorry, I'm excited.
  15. Stop asking please
  16. When will you close the premium giveaway? Thanks again, it's the most awesome thing to be given... a lot of people need it and there's kind people who give it for free like you
  17. You must give me the premium please ;'(
  18. Give me premium and I will be your sheep
  19. i`m on! Hmu
  20. Open skype, I need some suggestions :3
  21. Thanks bro
  22. Grats on premium seller!
  23. i`ve talked to him, I was just changing it because the pink one wasn`t working but now i`m changing it back.
  24. I think you've should been asked to use this img title before using it.
    It belongs to Hova
  25. You asked me to VM you!
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