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  1. I am back alive. Thanks for volunteering to do it.
  2. Whats up dude? Listen, if you're too busy right now I can start the vote thread for sotw for you.
    Hope all is well, let me know either way.
  3. Yes that is why I am doing it. I made the suggestion a while back, then Raple and Hova liked it we made the Art News Section and the SOTM event which I run both. It is a way to contribute to the site and get the Art Design section a bit more alive. So far each event has had more entries and more people interested in it, thank you for being part of it as well. I will be opening the next Submissions Thread in couple minutes too.
  4. Awesome, thanks dude. I like what you're doing here. I did a large piece prize competition back in the day when I was on the gfx team here and had a pretty decent turn out. The section kind of died out after that, nice to see you bringing activity back.
  5. You won. Yes I could probably do steam no problem. I will buy the gift card and send to you on a PM.
  6. Nice! I don't actually have Skype and probably would never use it though.
    Is it cool if I pm you my steam id? Anyway you can do a steam code for prize? Thanks
  7. Looks like you`ll be the winner for SOTM #3

    Contact me on skype: Dynastympgh
  8. Use this link

    Imgur is now using different links, link you used is like the showcase of the image. This one is a direct link to the image and nothing else.
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