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  1. Lol, what's up man. Good to finally see and oldphag around. Everyone else is 2012+
  2. Oh yeah sup gambiit!
  3. I think at the time my name was GaMBiiT, or De La Ghetto, or Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I was mostly in .Rez section.
  4. Who are you?
  5. dude thanks! i was wondering where these were!
  6. Never forget.... Long Live Haxstars

  7. Ohshittt !! My Son Got Mod??!?!?! Gratz AVGN. HAXSTARS <3
  8. Fuckinq Newphags. They wont ever understand.... HAXSTAR
  9. sure, but i doubt many will know you
  10. Took a well needed Break from MPGH is all. But im back. Mind if i make a Thread in CA General sayinq im back? ii was only known in CA Section anyways,

    Besides, ii want the users to tell me whats new. I see an Editor Position, im a Lvl 2 member. No clue wdf that is

    Permission? [Yes]/[No]?
  11. sup gambiit !

    where you been?
  12. Can yew say.... Im back?
  13. after i became minion, i got a virus and had to reformat

    and then every thing was fine..

    then i installed msn again and within a matter of minutes i got it again.

    i realized that i was getting a virus through msn somehow

    i had to reformat again

    i no longer use msn..

    i use a web based version now... but i dont get on very often.
  14. No MSN?
  15. he's banned lol
  16. You know this Guy?

    he askin to Join HaxStar

    MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking - View Profile: Soulja Boy
  17. ty buddy
  18. I know im Late as Fuck.. But...

    Gratz on your Minion David
  19. Awww man
  20. i'm at the office lulz
  21. hehe, 4K Post Ban :P

    Lets 1v1v1
  22. >.>

    Sarcasm Hurts ;(
  23. lol !11

    your review was awesome
  24. Gotcha.

    BTW: Speaking of Waka, U wanna Review, His pub?

    BTWx2: Check the Group, Imma make a Thread bout sumthing Really Quick.
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