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  1. already open. I suppose someone else did it :3
  2. Hey HALOS
    Can you please re-open my thread It got closed without any justification all i know if my client wanted to post a vouch and found out its closed...

    Thank you boss.
  3. :3 I couldnt find a proper bunny pic :c. Won premium in a competition x)
  4. Damn HALOS When you changed your photo from Rabit to idk what is that (Big Picture), you went from LVL 9 to LVL 999
    Hahaha don't take it personally, I still loved you with the small picture
  5. Hey halos, can you check pm please
  6. Hey boss, can someone check the guy reporting me ?
    Also tell him to read the guide safely and clear
    Thank you
  7. Hey Halos please check your PMs
  8. Hey Hallos Can you reopen my thread its been more than 1 year i want to restart that service ^^'
    Let me know fam
  9. Hey Halos can we talk in IM for the Scam report ?
    User did not respected my rules of the guide delivered within the account as it clearly says :
    If he did. he should not have a problem by then.
    I cannot return it nor replace it for him P
    Please let the staff to understand me as a PP Seller
  10. Hey Halos can you check my scam report ?
    Thanks fam
  11. do not trade with nikki99@ . There is a chargeback report on him
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