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  1. Thanks mate.
  2. Hope you get ROTMG my dude good luck!
  3. Exam season rn. The next one for sure

    I hope you will be one by that time
  4. Thanks buddy, couldn't see your name on the MM applications though. Give it a try will ya?
  5. GL on MM bro
  6. All heil King Oryx!
    For this thread, I know that he lacks insufficient proof, but I know the freaking scammer >:3
    He/she is already banned but incase he/she has alts, please ban them too.
  8. He was a ban evador but he dealt with his previous bans. User is clean as we stand he is in no trouble atm
  9. you said "TheGuy" was ban evader?
    what was his previous name on mpgh if possible, cuz he was like legit dude. :P
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