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  1. You have me added already if I call. I also have a signature
  2. woah grats on minion my dam nigga
    whats ur skype?
  3. its not dark places though its perfect size for darknznet
  4. when did i say that?
  5. wolkom back...
    "a perfect size for dark places" - TheJoker
  6. nvm haha
  7. what you talking about ?
  8. u make hacks bruh ?
  9. Some of the guys that I've done the work for them early, posted the vouch and the work. I will ask other to do so
  10. irradical muslims are usally known to have done something bad already in the states, like some have criminal record with them being arrested or somethings
  11. How can he know then ?
    extremist doesn't have a sign on there foreheads
  12. irradical muslims, people who take their beleifs to extreme measures
  13. he hates Muslims for no reason...
    isn't that racist ?
  14. no i do not, he only hates illegal immigrants not immigrants "illegal" is a key word
  15. Ok, don't you think trump is racist ?
  16. yes i am gay
  17. You are gay?
  18. no problem see if you can find a bigger one for him
  19. LOL dude I haven't laughed a long long time ago..
  20. A perfect size for dark
  21. WTF is a glowing huge dick ?
    on @DarknzNet profile. ???????????
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