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  1. Man, that's great to hear, wish you the best and prayers for future endeavors
  2. thanks yea i guess so
  3. congrats on that man, university is next?
  4. Indeed. I just graduated high school wbu
  5. Damn, its been a while man. Wassup, hows life
  6. hi buddy
  7. sup .
  8. where tf are you ******, offline for a long time on skype, anti social fuck
  9. i was so so so busy, if u wanna talk send me a msg on skype
  10. skypeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa
  12. back, yaaaaaaa
  13. Had some ideas, if your skype works
  14. ace, please msg me on skype.....
  15. because you are gay
  16. stfu cunt my skype isn't working for some reason
  17. 2 hours but no reply, you showed your friendship......
  18. asshole, bitch, ****** i am coming for you, just 2 days......welit
  19. dickhead
  20. akefdjewfqwdjewdqiwdjewifnewfiwaENFIWEORFBIWERF
  21. U also have fucking good name u bitch
  22. New name ******. nice
  23. Can I get life copy, I am HQ aswell, pelease i know gud englush, very gud slave me
  24. waddup homie!!!!!
  25. I am back, thanks to arun
    Fuck u, maybe some business ideas?
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