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  1. you're just a hater
    i kiss you on the forehead
  2. you deserve to burn in hell weeb
  3. weird flex but ok
  4. Eat my shorts kid
  5. Nigga you're wack lmao
  6. like just look at your hairline

    lmao wack
  7. k imma report ur ass then cba with kids/elitetexthidingmethodsfrom2009/xaxaxauwillneverseethismessage
  8. Do I literally have 2 publicly smite you?


    big report xaxaxaxaxxaxaxaxa you'll contract big aids from my negative rep report

  9. yikes my sheep said someone cancerous, i just that realized. u won gg u can have it
  10. Take it back or you're a lil bitch
  11. thot

    big thot
  12. Hahahahhaha bitch.
  13. i guess I can relate to lil wayne but u ain't a 2010 fan smh

    lil wayne was the shit back then and with carter v ???? epic.
  14. i like lilwayne too
  15. i don't care how many gay accounts you needed to show ur so gay idol that you love her so much despite she never realizing you even exist.

    spare me with ur bs.
  16. 2 alts

    not 4
  17. look at you

    fucking gay ass with 4 alts
  18. it's okay , don't feel bad about yourself
  19. pussy boy

    "i need 4 accounts because i'm retarded"

    Sander made me do this for $$
  20. can't do anything about this

    how does it feel to loose? I have the high ground now

    also we were never brothers because you're adopted.
  21. hahahah eat my shorts kid

    Blow you me you CS

    lmao get flammed
  22. No u

  23. u were always a cs my dude
  24. But I'm not supposed to be cs
  25. so did I but you don't see me bitching about it + I also bought seller so shut it
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