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  1. gl with minion brother
  2. dave removed our roles lmfao idk why
  3. What happened to fake staff
  4. <3

  5. Hi luver
  6. nice sheep u got there
  7. reply to me on skyp u silly bonobo
  8. Hi me English boy
  9. ya thanks me gay
  10. another one on the gay force
  11. Still quite busy honestly. Life is so demanding.

    Happy to chat though, just added you on IM
  12. U back and no chats from u anymore
  13. nah can't do EU/UK. ask me on ***** I can try to figure it out though just for u
  14. What's uppppp
  15. ha gayyy //2short//
  16. added <3 //2short//
  17. add me back as friend already luver
  18. you had time to ask me for sun staffs but no time to add me back as a friend

  19. //2short//
  20. fuk u bish
  21. wheres my staffs
  22. I added the number of char slots/vaults onto the post now. Thanks for the check luver!
  23. I’m on often, I’d always be glad to help out with my favorite section Always please add me back as friend already
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