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  1. Didn't know it's against the rules mb.

    Also I was thinking that you will be the one to provide the addy as I give you email access for you to send w/o me knowing.
  2. that's called providing a drop service and it's against MPGH tos. not to mention there's no way I'm going to dox myself and give my addy to a random. sorry bud just use a lesser known reship and pay the fees instead of asking for a free label + a free drop service.
  3. Yes, only if it's fine~
  4. So you want me to no. 1 give you my address to send a Logitech product to and no. 2 give you a free label to send you the product correct?
  5. To you ;w;
  6. ok, but whose residential address do you want to ship it to before you want it shipped to your reship?
  7. It needs a US residential address. So I have to ship it from someone's US addy and have them forward it to a resihp via the label.
  8. Still waiting on staff to choose a winner, also wdym send it to me to forward to ya? I don't provide drop or reship services.
  9. hi can u give me a label for a vouch?
    i'd like to deliver a logitech se (just a pair of wireless gamepad) to you and have it forwarded to me.

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