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  1. no ur afk fdp
  2. Busted!, why are u so AFK?
  3. of course
  4. hey want to do a review?

  5. What happened 2 da bad news
  6. While on ban u can do reviews for me.
  7. You gotta email me because my computer broke so I can't you ***** and I can only access mpgh through my phone, so I only check every couple days. My email is the same as my paypal
  8. Boy, I need you to review.
  9. The charger thing. If you don't review it I'll be screwed.
  10. ???????????
  11. "What is the last guys name,And fucking mass spam him as i need all order # with reviews"

  12. well u just fucked it up didnt u
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  14. 7
  15. 3
  16. 3
    /msg 2shot
  17. wat
  18. 1
  19. Busted!, I am needing that review done ASAP. Client is getting pissed.
  20. why you gotta be so mean to busted
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