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  1. So I need to go online and see your pink gay ass name and be okay with it? Well RIP you brudduh will miss you
  2. *crying laughing emoji*
  3. Me like a spaghet
  4. LET'S A GO
  5. Mario?
  6. hi steve it me
  7. Rapie I miss you
  8. I know fag, change it to my img title
  9. noob its the basic text title if you dont have one when you're gm
  10. We get the fact that you are a GM, now change that text title b4 I rage at you, bitch
  11. Sorry bro.
  12. You dumb, this is a meme, he will get demoted in less then a month
  13. Fuck you Raple go choke on a bong
  14. lol fuck u steve
  15. OOO, look at me, I'm Raple and I'm coooool, huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  16. Come to ***** ffs
  17. It shall be named "Raple's story" <3
  18. ey u cheeky cunt
  19. Not dead
  20. word up fam
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