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  1. you for sure still deserve CS tag, ngl
  2. this cock ain't gonna suck itself you disgusting piece of cs filth
  3. go make pee pee poo poo jokes somewhere else cocksucker
  4. hey retard
  5. fucking dumb cs cunt
  6. I'm geek'd xD
  7. stop harassing me kid you'll be banned like Kate
  8. Only your's bb
  9. uh this dude sucks cock

    what a suprise
  10. hahahaha cs has no rights

    booo oohhhh
  11. Well well well, how the turn tables

    blow me a fat one kid
  12. this dude got staff just to become FS

    typical white boy stuff
  13. tbh who cares
  14. miscommunication was from dave not from any of us
  15. hahahha u were all doing such a bad job with the dev chat

    especially you

    can't believe dave thought u'd be useful smh.
  16. that's rude?

    flamming will get you banned kiddo.

    protect ur face.
  17. you were a cs i wasn't

    suck my dick fag
  18. you were never staff lol

    wtf are you thinking you are?

  19. atleast i was a staff?
  20. haha once a fake staff never a fake staff again

    now u can't say shit 2 me
  21. once a fag always a fag
  22. hahahaha fuck you matt

    you ain't staff no more

    guess ur that trash all along??
  23. let's make out UwU

    like would be kinda cooolllll ^-^ but if ur not into it I guess not..... >.>
  24. uhh ur hot
  25. gay man

    leave me alone
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