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  1. what ?
  2. need some egirl
  3. Come go online disc
  4. Added u on disc have some questions to ask ;D
  5. yea if ur taking a starter python course i can help with any topic or just look over your code for logical/syntax errors. Python is a really easy language to pick up
  6. that's why i tried asking u
  7. yeah i saw that thread and it was really helpful~
  8. i figured it out after an hour ;c
  9. add me on disc Matthew#5936
  10. Matthewwwwww i need helppppp on pythonnnnnnnn pwetty pwease if u have timeeeeee
  11. i hate u .
  12. idk how idk how idk how
  13. no you didnt smh
  14. i added u dumbo
  15. add me dummie xD
  16. gift nitro boost plz
  17. come talk about it then <3
  18. fuk online klasses zzzzzzz
  19. me to im taking like 7 classes next semester, cost me like $4.5k but ya know im big ballin <3
  20. have no pp but have online klasses fak
  21. kk whats your pp
  22. weirdoooooooooo
  23. you don't even take friend requests smh, no moneizzz for u
  24. add me dumbie
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