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  1. ohai lol, you haz had teh name change.
    So confusing with teh name changes..
    I want to change mine back xD
  2. Mystic..
    Know /me
  3. Who are you?
  4. yehyeh. .
  5. Lol i know its stickied i meant to unsticky and sticky the new one xD
    AH well, t hanks.
  6. Sure.
    And I'm not sure, I think he got banned for maybe advertising not to sure.
    But then Tony Quit, so I took his place (:
    The old thread is already stickied .
    I'll unsticky. Then you can make a new one.
  7. Gratz.
    Hope you're decent.
    Oh and i was thinking about updating the injector in the OP7 section. If i created a new thread, could you please kindly replace the old one and sticky the new one?
    1 last thing, what happened to tom?
  8. Mystic.
    I became minion of cod section 2 months ago, and 2 weeks ago I became Op7 & SF Minion.
  9. may i ask who you are?
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