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  1. I explained why I'm experienced. If you want, I'll give you a discount for a UE Boom 2 so you can see that I'm truly experienced and will get you your product fast.
  2. your overcomplicating things Sean, I've asked you a question and you try turning this to argument. anyways good luck with your experienced "service"
  3. If I'm selling a friggin ebook for SEing ue boom 2, why would I not be experienced? If I know enough to teach others, doesn't that mean that I can SE them myself???
  4. don't feel so entitled, we are talking about is boom 2's you might be experienced in other area's of se'ing such as refunding and what not but that doesn't prove anything that you are able to successfully provide your service so calling yourself "experienced" while not having any vouches on your thread itself is hysterical.
  5. I replied in that manner because you did not have any idea of my vouches and you started claiming that I was not experienced. I have plenty of vouches in other SE/refund areas, that's why I said I was experienced.
  6. Please stop shitposting on my thread if you don't know about my experience with SEing / refunding. Before you accuse others of never having SEed logitech ue boom 2s and other products, you should look more carefully. I've personally SEed way more products than you ever will even before you joined the site.
  7. Only my own, this is friggin mod abuse
  8. how many dicks can you fit? lol
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