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  1. u high .
  2. BLAYT. .
  3. Naws customs is for other countries going out or in, US doesn't have that issue thankfully whew.
  4. lol rip. they will open once it reach US
  5. ttm, still got 14 business days to go. Packages are still in China and Turkey
  6. still waiting on the roids.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving my bitch.
  8. just checkion' with my bish
  9. hey man another half-day checkin I saw what you said about conor nice man glad you agree
  10. Don't mind my sheep wance. Prolly high on rice.
  11. wasup another half-day checkin w/ my bitch how you doing need any food or water?
  12. wasup daily half-day checkin w/ my bitch
  13. conor is the best. i am a silly sheep 8[ i'm sorry hun
  14. wasup daily check in w/ my bitch
  15. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  16. DON'T U DARE .
  17. Lol that avatar. Fuck drake you bitch ass negro.
  18. In what way is Vandalized's homework better than mine? I'm bout to hit u wit the work boi
  19. ya, died because of how slow MPGH was. I was slowly obtainng cancer by even trying to browse. What up man!
  21. Psy feed your fucking sheep, hes confused as fuck jesus feed him now
  22. YOU WOT M8
  23. u wot m8 .
  24. Nah your fault.
  25. lolwat. your fault fgt.
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