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  1. Hey bro, do you want a kiss?
  2. Hey boss, I heard you started e-girl service, how much for a hour?
  4. Hey boss, can you do some black magic spell to make my chat work?
  5. Yes, it is. Is that you on profile too? If yes, then no ty am good.
  6. is that you on profile picture, if yes can we kiss
  7. hello good seller man, I see... You became Blackhat Hacker, never thought u will be that good hacker! Congrats!
  8. sup noxey im here for anime titties
  9. hello noxey sensei
  10. ay boss where is my pussi b0s?
  11. Sent you message regarding mc acc hack, cheers
  12. Hey boss,

    I heard you are blackhat hacker now and I want you to hack my friends minecraft account because he is better in pvp and he is always killing me when I join server, please help sir.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter
  13. What's up hacker?
  14. [B]Happy Women Day Dear Mr's Noxey[ /B]
  15. Hello Mr. SH0N3 Synthetic Hacker.
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