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  1. rip hecktard 2018
  2. RIP Joe 2019
  3. Call me dada
  4. hi how to get free sex pls halp
  5. More tags pls
  6. Thank you mr India
  7. congrats bro

    UK numba 1
  8. Joe will never leave mpgh cos he lives in it xD
  9. yes please daddy
  10. would you like some mashed potato
  11. o.o you're the one to have sexual diseases :F
  12. We NASA have quarantine this user since he is from a different planet and might carry sexual diseases with him
  13. Thank u my sand brother
  14. Congrats on the pharaoh, so ur officially a sand nigga
  15. you da real hero......
  16. congratsssssss
  17. Day 7151 : you sound gayeeeeee
  18. aww someone saw my stuff
  19. DAY 26:
  20. 10/10 appreciation
  21. All gud bru you the best
  22. Had to add you as your VM was private lol, I'm alright mate. You're my 300th VM thou how ya doin pal
  23. Joey how you doin
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