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  1. The price is now $375.
  2. Ok, I am ready when you are. Also sorry for spamming this board.

    The price for the account is $400 USD
  3. Ok I figured it out.
  4. It appears they only trade using crypto currencies and I have no idea how those work. I only ever used paypal which isn't allowed. I'll try to figure something out.
  5. What time are you able to do the transaction? I need it to set it up
  6. This site allows for middleman, i'll see if I can find one
  7. *******, I also sent you a PM
  8. Ye that's no problem. Do you have any questions or are you ready to buy the account?

    As a side note I have someone else interested in the account but they are in a different timezone so I am just selling on a first come first serve basis.
  9. Hey, yes I am still interested in your MR 27 account. I wasn't able to PM before, sorry about that.
  10. Hi, you expressed interest in my MR27 account?
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