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  1. HOLy, wassup man :'(. How have you been
  2. what happened lmaooooooooooooooooo
  3. ????????????
  4. yes bby, it's my time
  5. what in the fuck



  6. c: .
  7. Hey .
  8. That new sexy lady.

    To bad the type of girls in your avatar does not go to my school
  9. .
  10. They all grow up

    Hope you have fun at college
  11. Why you retire
  14. Thanks .
  15. Well, good luck.

  16. Yolo , lmfao

    If I do get anything , I know it will be only 1 out of the 3 thing
  17. o:

    So much responsibility.
  18. I'm running for minion , middle man, and editor

    If I do get all those I will be busy 24/7
  19. User contributions for Burgessjr - Crossfire Wiki
    User contributions for Burgessjr - Combat Arms Wiki

    I am still working on crossfire and I will switch to combat arms in a few days, as you can see I didn't work on combat arms since last year
  20. Do you contribute?
  21. Yeah, we should of had a vote out a long time ago....

    And yeah it was my fault

    I would be surprised if dabe picked me for editor or Liz picked me for battlefield minion
  22. That was kind of your fault.

    First step: Get out of CS.
  23. I'm just tired of being looked down to.....
  24. :s .
  25. I didn't think it would matter
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