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  1. Had this avi before Colin had it, prob around 2013 originally.
    Colin and I are good friends though anyway, stealing avis wouldn't even be an issue.
  2. Why you got Colin old avi ?
  3. Not sure why you need to talk shit man. Yeah metal is my favorite genre, but I'm just reviewing what's recently been released. I'm not gonna artificially change my scores to be more diverse if the album isn't actually good. If a good electronic album is released, I give it a positive score, and ditto for every genre under the sun. It's just the fact of the matter that the album is utter shite (imo and a lot of other people's opinions), and I reviewed it as such. If a bad metal album comes out soon, I'll roast it. Simmer down.
  4. Thanks Schuby.
  5. Just read your app for Music News. Hope you get it dude, I know you'll make it worth the read! Gl man!
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