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  1. Hope you are doing well.
  2. How are you?
  3. How painful was it to write that Music Section this week? Also, your pal is back in News.
  4. What .
  5. Will do, always wanted a valley near my house.
  6. Go kick a mountain.
  7. Dirty BR monkey.
  8. You don't own me, I will whoop your primitive white ass Aborty.

    Sounds good, come back to TS3 it's boring.
  9. Your little.

    Bitch I own you.

    Going pretty good.
  10. Sup, my little hellspawn?
  11. I like anime, but I like metal too. Just gotta find a mix.

    And I know the feel. Work is a pain, and I quit my 18/hr job because being a receptionist is boring.

    It was a clear equivalence of waiting for death to come, like waiting for a breeze of wind. Do not waste your time doing what you hate, man.
  12. Eh, I've just been a bit pissy these last few days, shit at work's got me all on edge.
    It's no problem man, just be who you are, whether it's an anime fan or anything, I don't care.
  13. Also, thanks for being there when I need you mang.

    Hard to find people like that so its a debt I still hope to repay.
  14. I think I am gonna keep Misery anyways...

    PMs with hate for my name and anime loving is becoming bothersome I suppose.

    Also, I miss being Misery, being a happy little fuck isn't who I am.

    Also again, the song was the issue, not the band. I researched a bit and the band isn't half bad. (Young and in the way)
  15. That was directed toward me.

    I wasn't trying to be negative...
  16. Why do all of your reponses to me seem negative all of a sudden?
    Or am I just high and tired?
  17. Get on mumble, more than likely me and Colin will chat with you.
  18. Nigga I'm bored as fuck.
  19. This was bound to happen. Hopefully I can be on Freelancer so I can help when people need it.
  20. Sad to see you quit man.
  21. His ghost album is really good. I found him on Sputnik I think.
  22. Yeah, DTP. \m/
    Love Devin Townsend, fucker has made so many damn albums.

  23. Found this. Thought of you. Talk to me more.
  24. Most likely isn't certain, and that might be hurting ya.

    I know the feeling of being away from your best friend, of whom you see daily, but he will be fine. Cats have nine lives.

    They got like, Gameshark Cheats.
  25. Vet said that he'll most likely pull through, he just needs light surgery, and some strong anti-biotics.
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