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  1. I'll try it out (and i'll avoid anything but single-post answers in submission threads), ty for the input!
  2. Hey man, you talk a lot in the submission threads lol. Should message people here or pm's. Just keeps the clutter out of the threads.
    Nice catch on the dimensions. I'm doing it more to promote activity, so if I get disqualified oh well. The tag was made by smudging paint layers basically, and clipping masks+adjustment layers. I'm a bit too busy to right tuts, but I can say start with a black canvas. Establish a flow first, or paste your render then use the action of the render to establish flow. Then you start painting, I paint arching lines to establish a flow, obviously in conjunction with your render. Make sure that paint layer is below your render layer btw. Smudge time. I use a 12 px hard circle brush, flow at 90% From there it's all experimenting smudge technique.
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