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  1. Of course. You were always kind and courteous to me. During my time as minion you were always helpful as well.
  2. Wow, I really appreciate what you just said, that means a lot. Thanks pal!
  3. You always were a favorite user for me here. Never wavered from your nice demeanor.

    Sad to see they only gave you a Super User title after all you have done here. I would vote you to have a yellow tag too, and that's a lot from me, considering I always wanted to be the next.

    Never change from who you are, cause even though I pride myself on ruining others' happiness, I can't fathom shaking your resolve for a moment. Good to see an old friend doing well.
  4. I'm sure people will come back during the holidays

    Like I mean that's when people have free time.

    And does that guy have an office?
  5. I can tell. Jesus. The fact that Tundy is still here is a surprise.

    This site is dying in terms of General chat. I remember when we were at the penultimate amount of funny good-posting users in General. Ever since a few edgy kids came, everyone tries to be edgy and piss off mods just to gain attention.

    It's become less of a general discussion and more of a Toys R Us.

    Off topic, I did call him but he didn't answer. I called numerous times these past weeks.
  6. Ohhhh, have you tried calling him back?

    And yeah, I recently came back, and was voted in to be GM.
    A lot of old members are inactive.
  7. Trying to contact the guy setting me up in the spring quarter. He said he would call me back that coming monday to let me know when to come get my paperwork done for it, but it's been a month and it seems he is nowhere to be found.

    So I am a little stressed, but overall I am peachy bud. How have you been man? It seems like its been decades since I have seen you or anyone.
  8. Pretty good, how about you?
  9. How's everyones favorite Hugo?
  10. Hey, hope you didn't die Hugo.
  11. Team Flengo Boss is best team, man.

    I hope it isn't a bother.
  12. You joined flengo and my team
  13. You will have to make your Grandmaster Hugo Boss proud if you are chosen for minion
  14. Well I hope real life stuff isn't getting you down.
  15. Nah, busy with in real life stuff.
  16. busy with mpgh stuff?

    ill be busy like you too, hoefully
  17. Busy as normal
  18. how are youuuuu?:3
  19. Hi
  20. Hey Hugo. :3
  21. Even when you don't try to be funny, you are.

    What a man.
  22. Wasn't really a pun, but it's good to hear that you are feeling better
  23. It's what I answer to. Having a name like "Misery" doesn't mean I am miserable. I am happy, and have been for a week. Not one Anxiety Attack in almost a month.

    I'm feeling good.

    And good pun. I laughed.
  24. This name is so Miserable though
  25. What? I do love my job. I disliked how my name looked.
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