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  1. #therealkingsofMPGH
  2. I'll probably try to reinstall ***** tonight. Back to using this garbage laptop so heres to hoping.

    And of course, you go back to RotMG.
  3. lazy? shieeet I've been working every day on the RotMG server

    hmu on ***** my dude if you ever wanna talk
  4. Where the fuck have you been, way to contact me at all you lazy bum.
  5. bitch that was years ago man idk what i wrote then
  6. Q: Why does the tag say, "King Oryx"?

    A: The reason is that Raple first made the tag, and I made the group for it. I decided the name Oryx Kings sounded better and, kinda made more sense than King Oryx. We keep it the same because it was Raples creation, and we wanna keep it original. (Or we are too lazy to remake it, whatever.)

    nigga it says king oryx because oryx is the king of the realm silly goose.
  7. Add my new *****, old ones compromised.

    name: SenseiEgo
  9. nothing. been busy job hunting, and playing Rogue Legacy.
  10. ey babee wussup.
  11. Why does King Oryx still exist? by far my worst idea ever.

    whats up faggle
  12. I will have to see if ROTMG works on my shit laptop, and even then I gotta restart the whole level process again sadly.

    You think you can edit a tag for me? Liz wanted me to and I cannot find someone for it atm.

    If you still want me in the call here's my name on *****: dirkofirony
  13. You should get on ***** with me and my friends. We all play RotMG, and me and my friend bought 60$ in keys today if you wanna be apart of that.
  14. I play ROTMG frequently.

    Maybe i'm just stupid.
  15. It's a RotMG thing.
  16. King Oryx?
  17. My son is a sweet kid.

    I hope Hero and Vertice get their articles in on time. It will look real bad if we say we are back and then skip a week.
  18. Thx bby, Jov just donated for me.
  20. Can't wait for your interviews, my fellow News MPGHien
  21. Where have you been? So quiet...
  22. Raple, teach me how to Syntax. I wanna try to be editor.
  23. Hey, Guess what.
  24. Drugs are bad maaaaaan.

    I had a half day at work, still went. Totes not worth it, had to deal with those shmucks.
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